La Fonda on the Plaza in The Lumpkins Ballroom & Mezzanine

FRIDAY, August 19th – Sunday, August 21st

10 AM – 7 PM


Sovereign Santa Fe Exhibition

Fine art collectors and enthusiasts from around the world gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico this August during Indian Market will have the unique opportunity to experience the fourth official ‘Sovereign Santa Fe’ 2022 Art Expo.

Guest curator, Tony Abeyta will exhibit cutting-edge indigenous creativity as part of Sovereign’s mission to showcase up-and-coming Native American artists whose work reveals a dynamic relationship between traditional and contemporary.

Established as a unique platform for vibrant Native American creatives to showcase accomplished work, Sovereign Santa Fe fosters a community of forward-thinking artists, organized by FaraHNHeight Fine Art.

La Fonda will be hosting in The Lumpkins Ballroom & Mezzanine above the Lobby on the Santa Fe Plaza. The exhibition features contemporary paintings, sculptures, and fashion by some of the hottest indigenous artists of today’s market, bridging ancestral imagery with modern execution.

This year, Sovereign Santa Fe, near Canyon Road Arts district, is designed as a more intimate, yet immersive experience. The art exhibition will feature a more exclusive group of participating artists, all showcasing fine art work on a larger scale than in years past. An interactive experience will allow visitors to view and engage with creations by over 30 artists.

Sovereign Santa Fe’s visitors at the prestigious La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza can explore the art exhibit in a safe and socially distanced atmosphere, enjoying flavorful fare and refreshing drinks at La Fonda’s multiple food and beverage locations within the hotel.

Sovereign Santa Fe donates a portion of sales to various philanthropic organizations uplifting Native American rights and culture. This year’s featured Nonprofit is ‘The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women’ (CSVANW). Join us in support of this cause and learn more at CSVANW org.

Partial List of Participating Artists

  • Jonathan Warm Day Coming (Taos Pueblo)

  • Raven Arbuckle (Ojibwe/Choctaw)

  • Isaiah Stewart (Lakota/Mohawk)

  • Danielle SeeWalker (Lakota)

  • Santiago Rivera (Mescalero Apache)

  • Robyn Tsinnajinnie (Diné)

  • George Alexander (Muscogee Creek)

  • Travis Tubinaghtewa (Hopi)

  • Patrick CloudFace Burnham (Dine/Hopi)

  • Jesse Raine Littlebird (Laguna & Kewa Pueblos)

  • Jamie Chavez (Raramuri/Tarahumara/Chicano)

  • Derayna DeClay (Diné)

  • Nelson White (No’kmaq Village)

  • Dante Biss-Grayson (Osage Nation)

  • Gerald Stone (Seminole/Cherokee)

  • Sean Deloria Blackwolf (Sicangu Oyate)

  • Brent Greenwood (Chickasaw/Ponca)

  • Ivan Lee (Diné)

  • Randy L Barton (Diné)

  • Rick Gendron (Sinixt)

  • Preston Pierre (Diné)

  • Heriberto Luna (Xolotl)

  • Armond Antonio (Diné)

  • Elwin Shorthair (Diné)

  • Don Bailey (Hoopa Valley)

  • Sheldon Harvey (Diné)

  • Dustin Mater (Chickasaw)

  • Brian Davidson (Diné)

  • Elton Manygoats (Diné)

  • Micah Wesley (Kiowa/Creek)

  • Jay Smiley (Diné)

  • Billy Hensley (Chickasaw)

Sovereign Santa Fe Exhibition

Address: 100 E. San Francisco St., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Where: La Fonda on the Plaza, The Lumpkins Ballroom & Mezzanine

When: Friday, August 19th – Sunday, August 21st | 10AM – 7PM




Native American Art Magazine: Vanguard Visions – Sovereign Santa Fe showcases Native American artists at the forefront of the cutting edge

“Sovereign Santa Fe is aiming to open up the conversation and definition of contemporary Native American art. A collaboration between Farahnheight  Fine Art Gallery’s director Gregory Farah; his friend and mentor, prominent Navajo artist and guest curator Tony Abeyta; and Jenny Kimball, chairman of the board at La Fonda on the Plaza, Sovereign Santa Fe is specifically focused on promoting and providing a platform for Native American artists who are making groundbreaking contributions to contemporary Indigenous art.”


Forbes: Santa Fe Indian Market Spotlights The Best In Native Art For 98th Year

“The magnificent La Fonda On the Plaza hotel hosts Sovereign, a contemporary Native American Arts exhibition. Friday and Saturday, visitors can meet over 20 contemporary Native artists while viewing and purchasing their art. The two-day pop-up stays open late both nights until 10:00 PM.”


First American Art Magazine: Sovereign Santa Fe 2021

Sovereign Santa Fe features curated exhibitions, an art market, and a celebration of contemporary Native art organized by FaraHNheight Fine Art, Tony Abeyta (Diné), Randy L. Barton (Diné), and Gregory F. Farah in collaboration with La Fonda on the Plaza. The events highlight emerging and mid-career Native American artists and artists of Native descent.”


Beyond Taos: “Sovereign Santa Fe” Pop-up Exhibition is Curated by Tony Abeyta, Acclaimed Native Artist

“Sovereign Santa Fe is a 48-hour curated Contemporary Native American Arts exhibition, alive with experiential and intuitive talent. Sovereign’s mission is to provide a platform for “new school” Native American Artists––with their elusive merging of traditional and contemporary. The exhibition will be open 10:00am to 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17.”


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