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Piersten Doctor

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Piersten Doctor

Pushing my dynamic style through perspective poses that show powerful movements and gesture; As a Dine artist, I’m portraying and understanding my indigenous stories and hope to pass them on to my future kin, and hope they feel something when looking upon them. I hope to keep pushing my pieces by questioning what’s been done and what I can paint by respectfully painting within what we keep sacred and what we may share.

My name is Piersten Doctor and I’m born and raised in Arizona. My favorite mediums is oil paint as I like to do fine art pieces as well as thick paintings with pallet knifes. I love mixing oil pastel with oil paint as it’s something that excites my passion as each new piece is created. I hope to learn and do more murals as I’m still a novice with spray paint but very happy to be learning from my community of artist and mentors Jose Andres Giron and Roman P. Reyes at the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural center. Clans: My maternal clan is water’s edge and born for bitter water, my maternal grandfather is deer spring and my paternal grandfather is red streaking water Ute descended.

Main Artwork by Piersten Doctor titled Unseen Forces
Artwork by Piersten Doctor titled On My Way to Santa Fe
Artwork by Piersten Doctor titled Here We Come
Artwork by Piersten Doctor titled Kill the Indian save the man
Artwork by Piersten Doctor titled Unforgiven

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