About Farahnheight Fine Art

FaraHNHeight Fine Art’s primary & unique focus is on the works of both emerging early/mid-career & established contemporary Native American, First Nations and Indigenous contemporary artists of the Americas. Contemporary Southwestern art to a lesser extent is also a feature. FaraHNHeight focuses on exhibiting, platforming, & promoting these artists, their creative output, & their stories. And educating & enlightening potential consumers to the importance & context of their works.
FaraHNHeight Fine Art started in 2016, initially located between the historic Taos Plaza & the sacred Taos Pueblo; in time, space, and place. FaraHNHeight Fine Art is now finding its stride in Santa Fe, NM. FaraHNHeight Fine Art’s physical Santa Fe, NM retail space opened Spring of 2018 on historic Canyon Road after two years in Taos, NM.  No longer on Canyon Road, FaraHNHeight now has two locations in Santa Fe; 618 Paseo de Peralta directly below the steps to the cross of the martyr. And a new historic Santa Fe Plaza location featuring an exhibition showroom at 54 1/2 West San Francisco Street next to Häagen-Dazs. 

FaraHNHeight strives to interweave the Old & New Schools of Native & Southwest Arts. Featured artists include Classic Contemporary Native American & Southwestern Artists that paved the way for the New School Creators. One can also view North American inspired petroglyph art, First Nation Folk Art, jewelry, pottery, carvings, textiles, etc.


Current Featured artists include; Micah Wesley, Antoinette Thompson, Monty Little, Deanna DeAnna Autumn Leaf Suazo, Craig George, David Naranjo, Lynnette Haozous, Jay Smiley, Elwyn Shorthair, Raven Twobirds, Jesse Little Bird, Randy Barton, George Alexander, Brent Learned, Brian Davidson, Sandra Cohoe, Sheldon Harvey, Jermey Salazer, Jaime Chavez, April, Holder, Gary Kniffin II, Ivan James Concha, Melissa S. Cody, Jeremy Singer, Gregg Deal, Nani Chacon, Corey Yazzie, Ishkoten Dougi, Dawning Pollen, Elton Manygoats, JayCee Beyale, Jason R Barnes, Margaret Carson, Elizabeth Carson, Suann Davin, Joseph Riggs, James Anthony Crowley, Robyn Tsinnajinnie, Carlos Sandoval, Patrick Cloudface Burnham, Orlando Allison, and many more.


FaraHNHeight Fine Art’s Legends Collection of Armond Lara, Fritz Scholder, T.C. Cannon, Rick Bartow, Margarete Bagshaw Tindle, Paul Pletka, Clifford Beck, Jean Bales, C.J Wells, Frank Howell, Ed Singer, Earl Biss, R.C Gorman, Sari Staggs, Kevin Redstar, John Nieto, Len Agrella, Larry Fodor, Dolona Roberts, Rance Hood, Oscar Howe, and many others will also be on prominent display.